Complaints Policy

Policy Statement

Elevation Training Academy, will seek to resolve any problems, grievances or complaints experienced by apprentices and client employers.

Aims of The Policy
  • To ensure that issues raised by learners or client employers are resolved
  • To ensure that, wherever applicable, actions can be taken to improve our service
  • To ensure that complaints are dealt with fairly and swiftly 
  • To ensure that complainants are not discriminated against as a consequence of bringing a complaint.

This policy provides for the procedure to be followed should a complaint be received from apprentices and client employers.


This policy provides for the procedure to be followed should a complaint be received from apprentices and client employers.


A ‘complaint’ is an expression of dissatisfaction about standards of service, an action or non-action by our organisation or its employees, affecting students, visitors or other stakeholders.


1. If you are not satisfied with the service that Elevation Training Academy provide, then the following procedure should be followed.

2. If, having attempted to resolve the matter informally, you feel you still have grounds for complaint you should begin the formal complaints procedure within 6 weeks of the incident giving rise to the complaint

3. If you wish to make a formal complaint you should use the “Complaints Form” (see below), or request one from head office. Complete the form, giving as many details as possible (e.g. date, time, people involved), and return it to: Jolene Taylor.

4. You will be sent a written acknowledgement that your complaint has been received within five working days. This will clearly state the name and position of the person who will be dealing with your complaint. You will also receive documentation which tells you about the process which will be used in the handling of your complaint.

5. Any complaint received by our organisation must be sent to the Director of L&D. Upon receipt of the complaint, an investigating lead will be assigned, and the complaint will be monitored and administered by the Director L&D.

6. You will receive a response regarding the investigation from the person named in the acknowledgement letter within 10 working days. This will indicate the initial decision of the person responsible for dealing with the complaint and give information which tells you how the decision was reached or indicate what further processes will be followed.

7. If you are not happy with the outcome then you may make an appeal, in writing, within 10 days of receiving notification of the decision.  This is the last stage in the Procedure, and you will be informed by the person who has been appointed to act in the matter, by what process the appeal will be handled. You should receive this notification within 10 days of submitting your appeal.

8. If you have exhausted all the procedures, but remain unhappy with the outcome, then you can obtain advice from the Administrative Department about what avenues are open to you.

9. All outcomes of complaints are anonymised and monitored for quality assurance purposes. A report will be provided by the Director of L&D to the Leadership Team. Lessons learnt from this process will inform the development of the strategic aims of the business. These will be incorporated into our way of working to develop and improve our service to learners and employers. 

10. Assessment appeals are not part of this policy. Please refer to our ‘Appeals Policy’.

11. We reserve the right not to pursue any malicious, vexatious or abusive complaints.

Complaints Form

If you require a complaints form, click below to request one.

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